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Our services at data cooling ltd



  • Specialised Close Control HVAC 
  • Ventilation Extraction and Supply 
  • Industrial HVAC 
  • Commercial HVAC 
  • Chiller Installation 
  • CRAC Unit Installation 
  • Plant Rooms
  • Boiler Rooms
  • UPS Rooms
  • Server Rooms
  • Data Centre Rooms
  • Refurbishment of existing or new office buildings
  • Mechanical Pipework fitting and installation


Data centre Cooling Services


The HSE – Health & Safety Executive put measures in place to protect workers from contracting occupational lung disease and other inhaled diseases resulting in cancer for example, each year.  Employers are at risk of legal prosecution through the HSE where they are not ensuring the safety of their staff. 

Data Cooling can implement the design, installation and commission of Local Exhaust Ventilation or “LEV.”  At Data Cooling we can source at a competitive price a large range of applications to suit your budget and needs, ensuring installs are energy efficient and work with a high performance.  

Good ventilation is imperative to ensure clean healthy air quality for the occupants of a building and thus avoiding adverse health conditions, ensuring you comply with building regulations in accordance with CISCE and HSE guidelines.

We offer highly efficient cooling and heating systems together with ventilation to provide the fresh air your building requires.   Excessive humidity is removed, microbial contaminants, carbon monoxide, gasses and odours from the atmosphere again in accordance with CISCE guidelines. 

We have completed many refurbishments to buildings built in the 1990s which have often resulted in an increase in energy efficiencies, from Data Centre Suites to Server Rooms and UPS Rooms to installing CRAC units, building Plant and Boiler rooms and installation of chillers.    This has been achieved by a number of methods:-

Free Cooling – by switching to a free cooling mode this cools the building without the need to run your air conditioning plant, thus resulting in using less energy.  


Inverters – these are otherwise known as variable speed drives.  These can be modified depending on current needs.  Again this technology can help towards the reduction of energy being used. 


HRV Heat Recovery ventilation – As building efficiency is improved, they are intentionally made more airtight and less well ventilated. Since all buildings require a source of fresh air, the need for HRVs has become obvious. This is the process of supply air passing through a plate heat exchanger alongside the stale exhaust system air. The supply air then absorbs any heat wasted from the stale air normally discarded by a ventilator from the building.  Just this process alone absorbs around 90% heat thus reducing wasted energy and putting it to good use. 




Standard air conditioning is quite different to the requirements for larger data centre rooms or/and computer rooms.   There is a higher volume of heat density within the room that needs to be expelled on a 24/7 basis.  A failure in this system could be catastrophic for the data information it is there to safeguard, which could cause irrevocable damage.   Therefore confidence in a resilient air conditioning product is essential.   At Data Cooling we can tailor to your needs using products tried and tested from our wealth of suppliers.  An extensive range of equipment ranging from close control equipment together with bespoke solutions, equipment can be suited depending on the environment. 



There are options available when space isn’t.  When floor space is tight or just not practical upflow air conditioning is a compromise.   Conditioned air is dispelled from the top of the air handling unit and is evenly distributed throughout the servers before it is drawn back to ground level. 



Downflow is usually a more preferred option for cooling simply because it suits most rack types and applications. Conditioned air is directed down through the floor void and then flows back up through the floor grill and server racks.  The air is cooled before warmer air is returned back to the air handling unit.  Powered floor grilles, horizontal air flow combinations or low resistance floor grilles can be utilized as floor void space must be available to use with this type of cooling method. 


Either system above can be installed into a building’s construction and at Data Cooling we can refigure these applications into an existing building’s layout,  very often within a working environment.  Work can be carried out of hours too.  So disruption to you and your staff is kept at a minimum.




Enclosed System

An enclosed system accommodating around 18kW of cooling which comprises a fan, racking system and cooling coil can be connected using our pipe services to an outdoor chilled water unit.  This might for example be located on the roof of a building and therefore does not require a designated room. 


Outdoor Chillers

Recommended more for lager systems we would usually suggest an outdoor chiller.  Water based it has a circulatory system which absorbs and rejects heat from the flow and return of the water.   These systems are available using low to medium external conditions to provide cooling, avoiding the use of refrigeration systems.  Glycol is added to prevent the water from freezing and this is tested to ensure an adequate balance is kept at all times. 


DX Unit

Finally a circulating refrigerant based product using its capacity to suit any external environment. 


VRF Systems

VRF Systems can be installed into most buildings.  A number of indoor units are connected to one central outdoor unit in order to achieve heating and cooling capabilities this is then transferred back to each individual unit inside as per your requirements.  Most buildings will suffer a dual problem of getting too much sun on one side of its exterior therefore overheating a room while another side of the building remains in shade leaving the room too cold.   Data Cooling can install a VRF System which will absorb and recycle the unwanted heat by cooling it and then reintroducing it to the colder part of the building bringing it up to a comfortable temperature.




Based on years of experience in this field Data Cooling can build and install Plant Rooms to your requirements and budget.   Based on the proportions of the premises we can install the boilers, chillers, air handlers, water heaters, water pumps and other HVAC equipment needed to ensure the smooth running of operations.  Each Plant or Boiler Room build is unique and at Data Cooling we will ensure a bespoke and fully comprehensive breakdown and quote is provided to ensure all your needs are met. 


At Data Cooling we can also provide you with a fully comprehensive pressure testing report to ensure your valves and pipework are all operating effective and efficiently within the Plant and/or Boiler Room.




Heat loss is a real problem in buildings, particularly industrial, retail or commercial sites that require an open-door approach.   This causes a huge heat loss and with it an increase in your bills not to mention how your staff or occupants might be suffering. 


At Data Cooling we can install a wide range of a products known as an Air Curtain from our database of manufacturers.    The benefits of an Air Curtain are numerous.  They can allow access for fork lifts, suitable for commercial and industrial applications, reduces heat loss by up to 80% on open doors, available in a number of styles, can reduce the fluctuation of temperatures near open doors by 1c and are by far the most effective product on the market today.   Heat recovery curtains can be connected to existing or new VRV or VRF heat systems.   


How it works

Unwanted heat within the building which is being cooled through the existing air conditioning system redirects the excessive heat waste back through to the air curtain at the main entrance for example.  Thus the Air Curtain provides free recycled heat rather than generating its own power of heat and using more energy.  A system of this kind can produce around a COP of 1-5 (1kw electric power = 5kw of heat produced).


Heat pumped Air Curtains are another great alternative whereby the heat is generated by an energy efficient pump with a COP of around 3.5kw (1kw electric power used 3.5kw of heat produced).   This is a far ‘greener’ alternative to the standard electric air curtains as carbon emissions are saved by up to 67%.